Horse Sponsor Info!

What does it mean to Sponsor a Rescue Horse?

With the high cost of hay and feed, along with medical, dental and farrier expenses, sponsoring a horse helps us continue to care for our horses in need. It costs about $5 per day to feed a horse and WMO Ranch is home to  7 animals at the moment. This number fluctuates depending on how many we are asked to rescue. 

There are many people who contribute to the recovery and care of our horses. Each has a distinct and critical role.

Our dedicated volunteers provide daily food and water. They muck the stalls and pastures while providing a dose of TLC.

Sponsorship makes it financially possible for WMOR to provide for these horses and keep them safe. Our sponsors make a monthly contribution to the care of a specific horse. These donations go directly toward the expenses for that particular animal. Sponsorships put a dent in the care and feed costs for each horse, and one of our goals is to secure a sponsor for each horse we care for at Walker-Mong Opportunity Ranch.

Sponsorship is one excellent way to get involved for people who can’t volunteer.

We are always in need of sponsors for our incoming rescues and the recurring donation amount can be any amount you choose.

Why Sponsor a Horse?

Sponsors help free up funds to help rescue and rehabilitate more horses.

You get the joy of helping a specific horse without a commitment. Our Sponsor program is a month to month donation so you can stop at any time.

We are a 501(c)3 Non-Profit, so your sponsorship is considered a donation and is tax deductible.

If you’re interested in sponsoring a horse click the hose photo to the right  to be directed to our donation page where you can  sign up for your monthly or even one time sponsorship.